What is HAPPINESS and how to get itby Coach Laurel January 21, 2019

Happiness is a pleasant emotional state. It includes feeling joyful, amused, satisfied, grateful, euphoric, triumphant, peaceful, excited, etc.

Happiness is vital to achieving life goals.

To increase your HAPPINESS start by including these 3 habits in your life:

1. Practice gratefulness.

Gratefulness increases HAPPINESS because it boosts positive thinking. This creates both emotional and physical benefits.

One of the best ways to do this is to create a daily habit of journaling what you are grateful for.

2. Look at your gratefulness journal regularly to discover how many times a similar theme emerges. Spend your time and focus on these items.

For example, I looked at my gratitude journal after recording 3 things/day for a week and discovered that family, friends, and food appeared most often. I now make more trips home to see my parents, make coffee dates with my friends, and eat food…really yummy food I like.

And guess what…I feel happy before, during, and after.

3. Try something new

Routine is great yet can promote boredom. Go out outside your comfort zone and try something new. For me this includes trying some new foods or trying a new exercise.

For example, I tried vegimite and took a video while I was doing it. I laughed really hard at my reaction…let’s just say it’s not for me! I still felt happy I tried it.

Life is full of surprises and by trying something new, you create excitement for you!

Develop these 3 habits and see what happens! My bet is you will feel more HAPPINESS!