The secret to Happiness – Patti’s Storyby Coach Laurel January 21, 2019

I want to tell you Patti’s story. I met Patti at the local swimming pool. I was not sure why I approached her and I am happy I did. There was just something about her.

I told her I am a life and nutrition coach and asked her why she was at the pool. You might guess this was a strange request from a stranger.

Patti shared with me she was injured and was trying to keep active even though she had a back injury. She had recently started swimming because it did not strain her back as much and allowed her to remain active.

She also shared with me that she has Type 1 Diabetes and showed me the continuous glucose monitor attached near her hip. She explained it gives her a continuous read of her blood glucose to help her monitor her blood sugar. I was in awe of her spirit, her intention to remain active, her positive attitude, her resilience and most of all, by her decision to not let Diabetes and injury stop her.

We talked for about 10 minutes and I told Patti she was inspirational and asked if she would be willing to let me write about her story and share it. She was hesitant at first and I don’t blame her, I was a stranger that approached her “out of nowhere”.

Regardless, Patti gave me her cell number and I sent her information about www. Within 3 hours Patti responded and let me know she liked the Motivateandbfit website and was willing to talk more with me.

Within weeks, we met up at a local coffee shop and Patti told me her story.

She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 14. To manage Diabetes Patti has to be mentally aware of her blood glucose many times throughout the day to maintain steady levels. Her daily ritual includes multiple daily insulin injections, watching what she eats and how much, and doing the blood glucose level math to know how much insulin to inject. She does all of this of this so she can function as a “normal” human being.

She is currently waiting for back surgery for a herniated disk. She was at the pool the day I met her to swim to help deal with her pain. She also shared that although she had previously swam for fun, it was boring compared to other activities such as CrossFit and weight training.

So, what did she do? She set swimming goals to keep her motivated.

I did not hear disappointment in her voice as she told me this. Instead, she said she wanted to try some lower intensity weight training to strengthen her muscles before her surgery which was about 6 months away.

As I continued listening, I discovered Patti has a crazy, busy life! She is the mother of 2 kids, a boy and a girl, who are 4 and 6 years old. A family decision was made when having kids that she would give up her job and focus on raising kids.

After her kids were old enough, Patti felt she needed a change. She wanted to get out of the house and lose the baby weight. She decided to make time for her!

She also told me that exercise helps her maintain steady blood sugar levels.

She set out to find a gym and trainers that had childminding services. She found what she needed and tried HIIT, kickboxing and got interested in CrossFit. 

She told me she really liked CrossFit yet due to continued heavy lifting and her back pain, she was not able to do it at the moment.

And this was followed up with her saying what she could do: push-ups, walking, and swimming.

How can someone like Patti keep going even when faced with undesirable circumstances?

  • She sets goals
  • She focuses on what she can do, not on what she can’t
  • She sets boundaries=ME time
  • She surrounds herself with support (her partner/husband, her medical team, her community)

Patti’s sayings:

“I control my Diabetes, it does not control me”

“What’s the point of sulking?”

“I let myself and my family live the life they want to live”

“Working out is my happy place”

“My success is due to consistency and sense of community”

“I know what makes me happy”

“I love routine”