The choice is up to you!by stephenadmin November 18, 2017

Are you that person who is constantly thinking about food?

Do you eat and feel satisfied or do you find yourself wanting more? Are you counting down until your next meal out?

This is not a healthy mindset with regards to food and why most people who restrict themselves will fail at long term progress. The more you restrict your intake and “eat clean” the more you will think about food, the more your mind will crave it. Stop thinking about food!

This isn’t an easy task but the choice is up to you.

I am a firm believer in eating everything in moderation otherwise known as flexible dieting. I didn’t always think this way but over the years I have dug deep into research and changed my own mindset and made a choice to live a live full of flexible food choices. What has this done for me? I no longer think about food. I simply fuel my body. Restricted eating is defined as eating off of a regimented meal plan, not allowing for substitutions, eating “clean” all the time, staying away from sugar, even fruit. It means not enjoying your time out with friends, avoiding dinners and family gatherings, eating the same foods day in, day out. It also means you are eating diets that are cookie cutter, bodybuilding/fitness type plans that only get you watching the clock, counting the minutes until your next meal. You constantly think about the food you wish you could have, drool at the sight or smell of certain foods, and label food as forbidden. You eat your “clean food” and never feel satisfied.

The question is, is this sustainable?

Ask yourself if what you are doing now, how you are doing it, is something you can continue for the rest of your life? In most cases the answer is no.

Make choices that are sustainable long term. You want to reach your outcome goal of being healthier, losing weight and feeling better

What do you do when you want to go out and eat? You restrict yourself so much during the week that you treat yourself to the so called “cheat meal.” The truth is though and most won’t admit it, the cheat meal turns into a cheat day and binge fest. The word cheat is associated with guilt therefore after each cheat meal or cheat day people are riddled with guilt and the need to restrict all over again. It is a bad cycle and sets a person up for increased body fat stores, emotional and mental stress. Eating out shouldn’t be considered a cheat. A healthy mindset or a person who follows flexible eating protocol will simply enjoy a meal out. It is part of life.

How do you avoid this situation?

Learn about macronutrients and learn to fit in the simple pleasures in life like chocolate. If you can fit a small piece of chocolate or small amounts into your daily macros, chances are you won’t crave it and you won’t binge on it either. This doesn’t mean you eat less healthy food more often. It means you eat 80% nutrient dense foods and allow for 20% less healthy choices. What this means is that you have the power to put into action your behavior goals by controlling cravings with choices and portions. This means you are aware and you are in control of your food instead of the food controlling you. The potential for this to be sustainable is far greater having everything in moderation versus restricting certain foods.

Don’t get caught up in restricted, regimented plans.

Make choices that are sustainable long term. You want to reach your outcome goal of being healthier, losing weight and feeling better? Be open minded to flexible choices. This will keep your cravings limited and for some they will cease to exist. You have the freedom to make choices. If you want to have a better understanding of macronutrients and the amounts of each you require, hire a certified Nutrition coach that can guide you. The choice is up to you to find a better way, a sustainable way. There is a better way and you can have that piece of pizza without the guilt!