Contest prep

I oversee all aspects of contest prep which includes posing, routine suggestions, workout (if required), cardio protocol and a 4 week reverse diet.

What do I provide?

I will review a minimum 3 day DETAILED journal of food intake.

Once reviewed, I will assign macronutrients and provide ideal food choices for your contest prep*. Macros and cardio will be customized to fit your individual needs. It will be up to you to plan your daily meals with the macro targets set. Flexible dieting while on contest prep is a game changer. You will enjoy prep, you will have less cravings and with structured refeeds, you will feel less guilt and see better results.

Supplement guidelines will be provided.

Check in is required on a weekly basis, submitting progress pictures, current weight and feedback about how you are feeling.  Macros will be adjusted based on feedback.  I provide 24/7 unlimited motivation and I will respond to any questions or concerns within 24hrs.

Macro tracking is the only option for a contest prep plan.