How do you know what an appropriate portion is for you?by Brandy Schroeder July 27, 2018

Over the years I have witnessed my clients struggle to grasp what the word ‘portion’ means. Many nutrition programs like to use this word to suggest a food quantity, but have you ever considered that one person’s portion, is not the same as another? How do you know what an appropriate portion is for you?

The answer is: track your macros.

You want to eat better, but you do not want to track calories. Writing down what you eat is too time consuming and you seem to think that your portions are within the means of ‘portion control’.

You want to eat better to ensure that your movements in the gym, or in sports, are the most efficient and effective. But weighing and measuring food could lead to judgement from others.

If you just eliminate carbohydrates, or perhaps dairy, or fat, then you will for sure fit into those jeans you have been looking forward to. Because if you ate everything, but tracked your intake, it would just take way too much time. It is easier to just eliminate food groups; until, of course, you leave your house.

Negative self-talk is a major contributor to depression and anxiety. What we think others will think, can control how we treat our own body. This perpetuates unhealthy habits – leading to those vicious cycles that are so difficult to break. Everyone cares what other people think, in one form or another, but you need to consider the impact it has on your health.

Guessing what you are eating without tracking or logging your food is limiting your ability to manage your health. Tracking gives you the power to navigate positive change and helps you build a stronger relationship with food, without feeling controlled by it.

Macro tracking is a method of tracking food by understanding what food really contains (carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fiber). Your caloric target is for you alone. Identifying what portions should look like for your goals, supports a lifestyle of moderation and balance. In sum, this means enjoying your ideal lifestyle with less stress and a healthier mind.

A game changer for many of my clients is that they have learned to enjoy all foods. Real people, with less restrictions and little to no deprivation. Clients who work with me have learned to stop eliminating food groups and truly enjoy the food they consume. Macro tracking can pull you out of the food shaming cycle that traditionally leads to disordered eating.

No more excuses. It is time to audit the way you have been thinking about food.