Coach Laurel

My name is Laurel and I am a caring and compassionate life and nutrition coach. I believe that people can do anything they set their mind to and can break through barriers with support and encouragement. What makes me a great Motivateandbfit nutrition coach is my life experience, training (in and out of the gym), and desire to listen. I have had my struggles in life with body image and injuries yet I persevered….you can too!

My experience:

  • ➢ Bachelor of Science in Geography
  • ➢ Over 20 years of coaching in Government and not for profit sectors
  • ➢ IN3 Level 1: Nutritional Coaching Institute
  • ➢ Hosted nutrition and lifestyle seminars.
  • ➢ Workshops on mindful eating,finding your best weight, and stress management
  • ➢ Level One Excel Coachin
  • ➢ Certified Professional Coach (2019)
  • ➢ Master of Science in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Diets can provide short term results yet if you are looking for a lifelong change.

They do not work. When I finally realized this I decided to try something different. I hired 2 personal trainers over a 3 year period. They both gave me food plans and scripted workouts and I did experience success. After time though, I found I got bored because they repeated the same programs over and over. Then one of my friends hired a nutrition coach who inspired and supported her to compete on the stage. Guess who that coach was? Coach Brandy! Under Brandy’s tutelage my friend met with great success. She spoke very highly of Coach B. Although competing on stage was not for me I decided to hire Brandy myself. I have not turned back since!

Have you been a yo-yo dieter following diet fads looking to fit into that pair of pants still in your closet from years ago? I have! And when you do, do you fall off the diet and return to your habits and low and behold the pants don’t fit anymore? That sounds like me!

Under Coach Brandy

I learned about flexible dieting and really like the one-to-one interactive coaching she provided.

This worked for me because it gave me the flexibility to incorporate foods I loved and talk regularly with Coach Brandy to reach my goals. I learned how to enjoy my life more and not feel guilty when I wanted my favorite: salt and vinegar chips. Instead I am OK with having them. I enjoy and savour the flavour and then move forward with my plan. I can tell you that I don’t eat them every day yet I no longer want them every day.

If you want to work with a nutrition coach

who has a vibrant positive energy, is passionate about helping you, and has your best interests at heart, please contact motivateandbfit and let’s get started.

In addition to eating, activity plays an important part in leading a healthy and happy life.

I was lucky to be interested in sports as a youngster and played every sport imaginable in junior high and high school. I continued to play sports into adulthood yet over time, one of my knees decided it was no longer going to “play” along. After 4 knee operations, I switched from playing semi competitive sports to yoga, pilates, golf, lifting weights, and walking. My greatest athletic accomplishment was winning the 2007 ING half marathon walking competition in Edmonton…this was after 4 knee operations. I beat 100 runners and I was walking, apparently really fast! I still walk today albeit for fun and with friends. My next goal is to get a hole in one…I may be working at that for a long time!