Just a few pics & testimonials from clients about my coaching, and helping them achieve their goals.


I still have some work to do but I’m so happy that it’s been a year and 3 months and I’ve maintained and lost a bit more!  This was the first lifestyle change I made with a healthy approach and it worked.  More people need to stop with the “quick fix” and make a lasting change.  Patience is a virtue.  I took pics this morning to compare again from when I started.  I’m still amazed and I love the new me!  I’ve never been able to say that before



Andrea Bendfeld

My thoughts on working with Brandy-

Nutrition is hard, there are so many fad diets and so much misinformation. Nutrition with Brandy is about as easy as it gets. Nothing is off limits. She teaches you to make your own choices and makes you accountable. She has a sustainable for life approach to nutrition. I have used Brandy’s expertise both to lean out and to achieve performance goals. She has helped me succeed with both of these beyond even my own expectations.

As someone that has struggled with disordered eating in the past I find her approach to nutrition and food as fuel refreshing. I am a crossFit athlete, my goals are not to stand on stage but rather to perform as an athlete at a high level. I am 37 years old and have never in my life thought of myself as an athlete…until now.  The Science- In just over a year I have lost 10 pounds of fat and replaced it with 5 pounds of muscle. I have reduced my body fat percentage from 23.2% to 16.9%.

And NO, I never eliminated a single food group or starved myself.

You can’t argue with science!

Thank you Brandy!

Andrea Bendfeld –

Karen Y.

Brandy-THANK YOU so much for showing me the way, patiently answering questions, going through the journey for the first time again and making it a satisfying, mindful, magical experience.  Your down-to-earth, flexible but effective tactics are the best!!  You are a life-changer!  Truly!  Thank you again and I look forward to our continued journey professionally and personally!”

Karen Y.

Nicole Hinse

When I decided to step on stage in October 2013 for my first figure competition, I hired Brandy as a coach to help me train and diet. I was on the strict bodybuilding diet where I had a meal plan laid out for me and couldn’t deviate from that. Restricted food became an obsession to me and I felt I was always missing out. After the show, I went through a crazy rebound and gained all of the weight back that I lost because I couldn’t control my eating due to my personal life and injuries.  

When deciding to compete again in October 2015, (above) I know I wanted to try the new macro method of dieting because it provided me more flexibility and I would be able to choose my own foods. I started on macro tracking and my life has changed forever. Not only was I able to diet down for my second show, but I was happy. Never had cravings or felt that I was missing out because I was able to eat what I wanted as long as I kept it in the macros that were set out for me. (2015 prep had me starting around 176 lbs vs previous year.  I had a great off season, trying to put on more muscle to be more competitive)

I have now transitioned from body building and into Crossfit, I am still using macros today in order to be able to train and gain the strength that I need but to eat appropriately to fuel my body for the intense workouts. I am finding that counting macros is fun because I am still learning to play with food and understanding it better, and I find that I am never hungry and always satisfied because I made the choices of what I wanted to eat for that particular day.

Brandy and I have been working together for over 4 years now and she isn’t just a coach to me anymore but a true friend and mentor. She has shown me that food can’t solve personal problems and has been there to listen and provide advice when I am at my lowest point. If I am wanting to change something, she is there and actually listens and helps me, never restricts me. She is always pushing me to be my best both in the gym and in the kitchen.  –Nicole Hinse

Sybilla Heinem

I met Brandy in 2013 when I made the decision to compete in the 2014 INBF Figure competition.

As I had no idea what I was about to embark on I was looking for someone who had some sort of competition background. I scoured online advertisements & gyms, read all the bios I could on their trainers, but the one that stuck out for me was Brandy. At the time Brandy had been working as a Personal Trainer, I called her and asked if she would be willing to take me on as a client.

During our first meeting, she was extremely honest and upfront, she explained that it was going to be harder for me than most, as I had been a long distance runner for several years, up to this point. I was runner with long lean limbs and YUP, pretty bony delts! I was impressed with her knowledge of training, nutrition, passion for the sport and her honesty.

Life does change, along with focus. During this time Brandy was also transitioning. Brandy’s passion was evident from the start, and she decided to follow her passion and transition full-time, to the nutritional side of coaching. Through this, she ensured I was extremely well taken care on the weight training side of my training.

When it was time for competition prep, Brandy and I once again connected. Her passion for the sport and overall health was undeniable. The thing that struck me was that it was important to her that I was competing for the right reasons…that I wasn’t going risk my health and mental wellness just to get that perfect look, but that I wanted to challenge myself. I didn’t appreciate this to its full capacity until the day I competed. I was listening to some of the ladies, talk about the extremes some of their past coaches put them through, and the damage some of them encountered in the past from damage to their metabolism, etc. I realized how extremely lucky I was to have found such a great coach right from the start. Brandy constantly reminded me during this time to trust the process.. I’ll be honest, I was leery of the process but wholly trusted Brandy.

Under her guidance, I placed 2nd in the Masters Figure in 2014 and 6 th overall. Not bad for a gangly runner! Since then Brandy and I worked together on and off, when I feel the need for some extra guidance with my diet. I will be competing again in 2018. Brandy will be my coach again. Brandy’s knowledge, honesty, passion, flexible dieting approach are 2nd to none. So once again, when she says “Trust the Process”, I will, but mostly ’cause it’s Brandy I trust!

– Sybilla Heinem

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