Coach Brandy

My name is Brandy, but I have graciously adapted the name Coach B from my clients. I am a client-centered lifestyle and nutrition coach that believes every person has value, even when they have not identified it yet themselves. I have met the most inspiring people through my career, which has provided me the opportunity to continually learn and grow as a coach. I have been able to help clients lose fat, gain muscle and ultimately perform better in and out of the gym. Approaches to food, combined with a lack of patience through the process, can have a severe impact on goals.

Quick facts about Coach B.

  • Certified Nutrition and Exercise Coach.
  • Competitive bodybuilder turned Crossfitter.
  • Mother of 2 daughters, wife and business owner.
  • Competed in bodybuilding and been on stage 8 times.
  • A personal trainer majority of my adult life.
  • Contributed nutrition articles for the local paper
  • Hosted nutrition and lifestyle seminars.
  • Competed in Crossfit.

My background

I’ve been in the gym since the age of 20 (43 now), and am now a certified nutrition & exercise coach with Precision Nutrition (PnL1, PnL2).

I was part of a family business in the supplement industry which lead me to my career in personal training, I was an active trainer for the majority of my adult life.  In 2011 I returned to competing in bodybuilding, and in 2014 I decided to retire from bodybuilding.  During my competitive training, I realized how passionate and intrigued I was by nutrition.  At this time I was still an active personal trainer but was quickly realizing how my clients needed more help with nutrition and lifestyle.  I made the decision to stop personal training and focus all my time and effort and studies on nutrition.

There is so much confusion in the fitness industry.  I want to help people navigate the misguided information and arm them with tools for real life, real transformations.

While I was dieting I realized that there has to be a better way to “diet” but also to live your life and still reach your goals.

This realization and passion is what drove me to study with Precision Nutrition.  There is so much confusion in the fitness industry.  I want to help people navigate the misguided information and arm them with tools for real life, real transformations.  I know first hand what it feels like to diet and to feel pressured to look a certain way.  I know first hand what it means to compete as an elite athlete, to balance life as a working mother and wife.

In my coaching I have witnessed destructive eating and lifestyle behaviors.  This has lead me to follow my passion.  To show people that there is a better way, that they can live their life, feel good and reach their potential.  I want to help others navigate their messy lives, to teach the science behind food and nutrition and metabolism.  To teach them that they can have a healthy relationship with both food and their bodies.

I do not offer cookie cutter meal plans or programs.

There is not a one size fit all approach to my coaching.  I manage my client base so that I can address each client individually.  What does this mean?  I don’t take on more clients than I can handle.

I am committed to helping each client write their success story.

What sets me apart

One of my objectives as a coach is to help my clients improve their confidence and adjust lifestyles for improved health. I use a holistic approach to the education I provide my clients. I do not believe in providing meal plans, or simply counting calories and macronutrients. I pride myself on my ability to listen to my clients, so as to help direct appropriate goals based on mental and physical ability. Not all clients are created equal, which is why I have committed myself to lifelong learning. I am addressing the myths within the nutrition industry, one fad at a time.

I want my clients to succeed.