Breaking thru the plateauby stephenadmin November 18, 2017

We all will hit a plateau when trying to drop body fat.

Why does this happen? We hit a plateau because of the metabolic adaptation of being in a caloric deficit. Being in a caloric deficit means you will lose weight, less weight on our bodies mean less calories to burn. This means there is less energy demand which means your metabolism will start to slow. When the metabolism slows, our bodies demand less energy (calories) to function. Metabolic adaptation means your body doesn’t require the same energy it needed when you were carrying more body weight. Our body will want to establish homeostasis and in doing so adapts to less calories.

How do you break thru the plateau?

There are two basic options: Increase activity level and decrease caloric intake. Increasing your activity level alone will have you burn more calories and create a greater caloric deficit. Or, you can keep your activity level the same and decrease your calories. Either option will work alone and break the metabolic adaptation that has occurred. If you increase your activity level and decrease calories at the same time it will put you in an even bigger deficit however it is best to start with one first. We don’t want to be too aggressive. Being aggressive can lead to LEAN (muscle) body tissue loss.

How much change comes down to the individual’s goal.

There is no exact science on this. Everyone will respond to different levels of change. It is important that the changes made are NOT aggressive. These changes must be manageable for long term success. Adding absurd amounts of cardio and going ultra- low calorie will only lead you to failure. You have to ask yourself if what you plan on doing the way you have planned it will be sustainable.

Expect to hit a plateau a few times while on your weight loss journey. Don’t get frustrated and quit. You have to have patience and consistency and understand that in order for you to continue to see results you must make changes.