Online nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Helping you make important, sometimes life-saving, changes.

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Nutrition Coaching

There is no one size fits all nutrition.  Your habits, lifestyle, personality and goals matter.  I will change your life!

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Lifestyle Coaching

If you are looking for a complete lifestyle transformation as well as digging deep to figure out what is holding you back then this is for you.

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Delicious and healthy recipes sure to satisfy your appetite! Complete with full macro breakdown so you know what you are eating.

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Who is Motivateandbfit?

I am a client-centered lifestyle and nutrition coach that believes every person has value, even when they have not identified it yet themselves. Motivateandbfit was created with the sole purpose to help people make important, sometimes life-saving changes to their overall health, wellness, and athletic performance.

  • Pn1 & Pn2 Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Over 20 years experience in the fitness industry
  • Macro Coach
  • Flexible dieter
  • Habit-based, evidence-based, science-based Coach.

Nutrition Coaching

  • Flexible dieting

  • Flexible dieting, IIFYM, macro tracking or track your macros describe one of the hottest new ways to manage your nutritional intake.
  • Contest prep

  • I oversee all aspects of contest prep which includes posing, routine suggestions, workout (if required), cardio protocol and a 4 week reverse diet.
  • Macro tracking programs

  • Macro Tracking Programs are designed for everyone wanting to enjoy the food they truly love & enjoy while reaching their desired body composition and health goals.

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Lifestyle Coaching

  • Habit based coaching

  • Developing strategies to help you change the way you approach your nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Suited for you

  • Lifestyle coaching is based on the individual and their level of nutrition and goals they wish to achieve.
  • Success will happen

  • Change your mindset. Be consistent with whatever you do. Adhere to my guidelines.

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Success Stories

I still have some work to do but I’m so happy that it’s been a year and 3 months and I’ve maintained and lost a bit more!  This was the first lifestyle change I made with a healthy approach and it worked.  More people need to stop with the “quick fix” and make a lasting change.  Patience is a virtue.  I took pics this morning to compare again from when I started.  I’m still amazed and I love the new me!  I’ve never been able to say that before