How eating chocolate everyday keeps me lean!

Join thousands that are achieving real body composition goals with flexible dieting.  

Follow ‘clean eating’ but you just can’t seem to change your body composition? Are you are eating clean during the week but then find yourself planning a cheat meal that turns into a full on binge fest. Do you feel guilty and ashamed? Do you label foods ‘good or bad’ and have an unhealthy relationship with food?  

There was a time when I ate the most bland food ever. I was a clean eater. No condiments. No fruit. I would stay away from all things processed. I would restrict food and stick to my plan all week. If I ate out, it would take me forever to choose a meal and when I did it was usually something with a grilled chicken breast, salad instead of fries and all condiments on the side. Doing all this, had me planning a cheat meal each weekend. In some cases that cheat meal would turn into a cheat day. I was never a binger but I definitely ate more, leaving the table guilty and uncomfortable.  

Why did I do this? I thought eating clean would get me lean and keep me there. I did this for years, eating boring food, cheating on the weekend. I wasn’t even in great shape, not like I am now. I may have looked ok to most people but I was miserable. I thought about food all the time, more specifically planning my life around the cheat meal. I was boring and I’m sure my husband and kids hated how I was around food. During this time I was also dieting for bodybuilding shows which made my relationship with food that much worse. I not only thought about food 24/7 I was also thinking about how miserable I was and how there had to be a better way to ‘diet’. Fortunately I found flexible dieting and the rest is now history….  


My flexible dieting mini course is a beginners guide through the basics. Confused about what flexible dieting means? Get the BASICS cheat sheet so you can make sense of this popular tracking method. I know most people feel trapped by always being on a diet. FREEDOM to live your life without restricting food is called flexible dieting. It means eating nutrient dense foods and having the choice to have chocolate without all the guilt. Nutrient dense foods are a priority and I have developed a quick reference for optimal food choices. Success will happen having the proper tools. I have developed a list of important tools plus added a BONUS of ‘tricks’ to making tracking easier.  

Now... My diet still consists of lean protein, good sources of complex carbohydrates and fats but now I include chocolate every day. I choose food I actually love and include things like cheese most days. I don’t plan cheat meals, I simply enjoy eating out at my favorite restaurants with my family whenever we decide. I track my macros consistently and have a great relationship with food. There are no foods off limits.


I'm Motivateandbfit and I’ve helped many clients successfully achieve their goals with my flexible dieting approach and coaching. I speak from experience. There is no need to restrict foods. Restricting foods can lay the foundation for disordered eating! 

Who’d have thought that having chocolate, ice cream, burgers, pancakes, cookies and the occasional slice of bread would get you lean?  

Whether you are a MBF newcomer, or a previous client looking to switch to flexible dieting, let me say I look and feel the best I’ve ever felt and my relationship with food is great! I feel free!  

This mini course will motivate you to move from restricted meal plans to a flexible approach. It will help you change your current eating habits and help build better relationships with food. It will not only transform your body but it will transform your mind too.  

“Nutrition with Bandy is about as easy as it gets. Nothing is off limits. She teaches you how to make your own choices and makes you accountable. I have used Brandy's expertise both to lean out and to achieve performance goals”

"Annie" Bendfeld - Ower Crossfit Leduc 

When deciding to compete again in October 2015, (above) I know I wanted to try the new macro method of dieting because it provided me more flexibility and I would be able to choose my own foods. I started on macro tracking and my life has changed forever. I have now transitioned from body building and into Crossfit, I am still using macros today in order to be able to train and gain the strength that I need but to eat appropriately to fuel my body for the intense workouts. I am finding that counting macros is fun because I am still learning to play with food and understanding it better, and I find that I am never hungry and always satisfied because I made the choices of what I wanted to eat for that particular day.

Nicole Hinse 

Don't wait! Join thousands that are achieving real body composition goals with flexible dieting.